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Our dedicated servers are all top quality Intel systems.

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Our Dedicated Server London Plans!

We’ll install an operating system of your choice, and hand root access over to you. Give your business
the advantages that come with bare metal servers in the London United Kingdom. Our dedicated
servers are all top quality Intel systems. Harness the power of bare metal.

Intel E3-1231v34C @ 3.4GHz16GB DDR3 ECC1 x 1TB HDD20TB at 1Gbps$100/moORDER NOW
Intel E3-1240v54C @ 3.5GHz16GB DDR4 ECC1 x 240GB SSD30TB at 1Gbps$110/moORDER NOW
Intel E-22344C @ 3.6GHz16GB DDR4 ECC1 x 240GB SSD30TB at 1Gbps$120/moORDER NOW
Intel E3-1270v54C @ 3.6GHz32GB DDR4 ECC2 x 240GB SSD30TB at 1Gbps$125/moORDER NOW
Intel Core i9-9900K6C @ 3.6GHz32GB DDR41 x 256GB NVMe M.230TB at 1Gbps$179/moORDER NOW
Dual E5-2650v424C @ 2.2GHz128GB DDR4 ECC6 x 480GB SSD100TB at 1Gbps$475/moORDER NOW
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Dedicated Server UK
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Choose the dedicated server from the above plan and get the server access with 8-24 hours. We provide a wide variety of free and licensed operating systems that can be automatically provisioned.

In the event of a DDoS attack, you will be alerted via email and the attack information will display in the manager for the specific server. This includes attack IP, port, size in Mbps, packets per second and timestamp. HostnExtra provide enterprise quality servers, network and data center.

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